THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is the non-psychoactive acid form of THC found in the plant when raw. THCa is important because it is a powerful analgesic and it can be used to help sharpen concentration and focus. When mechanically extracted through whole plant infusion, THCa can be incredibly powerful.

What are the benefits of THCa?

 Emerging research is beginning to show the potential benefits derived from THCa without the high.

These include fighting nausea and appetite loss, anti-inflammatory applications, pain relief, and as a neuro-protective agent. THC-A truly is proving to be a non-psychoactive alternative to many of the benefits of THC, and further research will only open the door to more possibilities.

THC-A products and even juiced raw plants are becoming more and more available as demand grows. THCa products need to be kept in a cool, dark place… as heat will transform the volatile molecule into psychoactive THC. They’re great for direct oral and sublingual delivery, and can even be added to cold drinks like fresh juice or a smoothie.

Cannabinoids For Health & Wellness

 There are over 100 catalogued cannabinoids that are derived from the plant. When using cannabis products, the cannabinoids bind to receptors in our body in the Endocannabinoid system. The two main receptors located in the ECS are the called CB-1 and CB-2. Different cannabinoids have different effects depending on which receptors they bind to. Depending on the medium and cannabinoid profile, different types of relief will occur. For maximum benefits look for products that are full spectrum and derived from Whole Plant infusion. This will ensure that you are gaining the max benefits of the cannabinoids as well as the phytonutrients and terpenes.