Right Ratio.

Right Dose.

Better. For you.

Introducing the Right Ratio Pack by Papa & Barkley, personalized medicine for all of your daily needs. Each pack contains one CBD rich tincture and one THC rich tincture, along with a dosing guide, so you can create your very own custom ratio for relief.

The Right Ratio Pack provides flexibility so that you can customize your dose depending on the time of day or your situation.    

Whole Body Relief

Finding your right ratio just got easier.

Find whole body relief with this new set designed to provide doses that are as unique as you are. The pack features two distinct tinctures that work together to deliver your right ratio. Whether you’re confronting chronic pain, tense muscles, recovering from an injury or irritated by insomnia, relief exists. A combination of these two formulas will work best, and this is how you find it.

Find the Right Ratio for Your Needs

No two people are the same, so why should our ratios be?

Dosing with Cannabis can be very confusing, but our Right Ratio Pack was crafted with one purpose in mind: finding the perfect ratio for your needs. We believe that Cannabis is an individualized medicine. Because everyone has different bodies, different ailments, and different conditions then everyone requires a different ratio of cannabinoids. To get started, refer to our quick dosing guide to find the right ratio of CBD to THC that works best for you.

There is a perfect ratio for you.

How Do You Want to Feel Today?

Mix to find the perfect ratio for your needs.

We get it, for most people there is a lot of confusion about finding the right dose. The Right Ratio Pack was designed to help you take the guesswork out of finding the right dose. Our quick start dosing chart gives you the advantage of customizing your dose to reflect your specific needs. We kept flexibility in mind when creating our ratios because no two people are alike, and your dosing should be just as unique. So the only question left is: How do you want to feel today?

Not Sure how much THC vs CBD you need?

We can help.

Mixing both tinctures can provide different effects depending on your specific needs. Depending on the condition you are solving for, you may want to make a ratio that is heavier in CBD and for another condition you may want something heavier in THC. If it’s night time, you may have a different ratio to help with sleep vs. a different ratio to help you work out. Since Cannabis is so personal, you may have an optimal ratio that works best for you.

Ready to Find Releaf?

Find the nearest dispensary near you that carries the Right Ratio Pack tincture set

Want to Learn More?

One of our missions for Papa & Barkley is to educate our customers as well as the general public about the power of Cannabis. We believe that Cannabis is individualized for each person, and our Right Ratio Pack was designed to speak directly to your personal needs. You may be feeling overwhelmed about what the right Cannabis experience is for you, but we can help. Visit our Knowledge Center to learn more about ratios, dosing, cannabis, and what our products can do for you.

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