What is better than community fundraising for children? Wearing costumes and plunging into the frigid waters of Humboldt Bay while raising money for a great cause.

18th Annual Perilous Plunge


What is the Perilous Plunge?  The Plunge is the annual fundraiser for the Redwood Discovery Museum. Plungers jump into Humboldt Bay dressed up in wacky costumes to the sound of the Marching Lumberjacks and cheers of the crowd. Plungers are rewarded for their bravery with a hot tub, Bloody Mary’s, and a warm lunch.

Leading up to the event, each plunger collects pledges from ‘sponsors’ who will gladly pay to watch them jump into the Bay. All funds raised directly benefit the Redwood Discovery Museum programs. This year will be the 18th annual community wide event.

Redwood Discovery Museum

Giving back to the local community is an important part of Papa & Barkley’s mission. In alignment with that we formed a NorCal team to help with fundraising for the Redwood Discovery Museum.  

A little more info about the Discovery Museum: 

The Discovery Museum is a non-profit children’s museum that offers interactive exhibits and thematic programs. Discovery Museum exhibits and programs promote hands-on, open-ended discovery in the areas of science, art, culture, technology, and healthy living. Our goal is to help youth expand their horizons and prepare for the future by fostering a passion for exploration and learning.

Papa & Barkley’s Perilous Plunge Team

This year, for the first time ever, we participated in the Perilous Plunge. Our NorCal team was formed by team captain Nick Hamaker with a mission to raise $1500 for the cause. After reaching out and collecting pledges,  our team was able to raise over $2780 in donations for the Discovery Museum! 

You may be asking yourselves, why jump into a freezing bay? Because the Discovery Museum’s mission is to promote hands-on learning and exploration for their region’s youth. The Redwood Discovery Museum is an outdoor education facility, a teacher resource, a field trip destination, and so much more. Their programs serve over 14,000 children annually.

Papa & Barkley Giving Back

“Wes, our new head of Research & Development, dressed up as Bigfoot and the rest of us were banana slugs. Eureka is known for both. Everyone dressed up jumped into the freezing Bay and the rest of our team cheered them on. Everyone met at the corner of F street and 4th Street and then paraded down to the Bay. Boris and Guy both participated. Boris’s family was there to cheer him on.”

Founded by caring for the ones we love, we are a team of scientists, caregivers, and advocates who are committed to producing safe and reliable products from the whole plant that improve the quality of life of those in need.

We’re also committed to giving back to our local communities. The Discovery Museum, which is just a few blocks away from our NorCal headquarters, is an extremely important cause in our eyes because it promotes exploration and research, which we’re all about at P&B.