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Our Farms

“With every farm partner we have we are constantly connecting and engaging in community events. It’s not just a purchasing relationship—it’s a community relationship.”

-Tiana Ariaga, VP Cannabis Sourcing

Real Relationships. Real Communities.

Our commitment to clean and effective cannabis starts with developing lasting relationships with our farm partners and the communities they serve. We work together to ensure every plant, every ingredient, and every product we make is clean, safe, and effective.

Sustainable & Regenerative Practices

Our first priority is working with real people who care about the environment, their community, and growing the best cannabis. Sun-grown cannabis grown sustainably with regenerative farming practices are what make our products so effective against pain.

No pesticides. Ever.

Our farm partners have a passion for clean. Their clean growing process starts with organic soils and a commitment to never using harmful chemical pesticides during the growing process.

Our Farm to Shelf Video Series

Emerald Queen Farms
Sunrise Mountain Farms
Talking Trees Farms
Emerald Queen Farms
How we Source Clean Cannabis