By: Laine Hammer & Cyrus Sepahbodi 

For some of us, working from home rocks. Our bed or couch is our office. We get to hang out with our animals, take a workout break, and cook our own food, all while wearing comfy clothing. For others, it might be our worst nightmare. With little to no human interaction, you might go stir crazy, and with no office to report to, it can be hard to stay motivated, too. At a time where most of the world is being told to stay indoors and limit social gatherings, working from home is being forced upon many people who have never had to do so before. Whether you’ve been working from home for years or this is your Day 1, here are some tips and tricks to keep yourself motivated at your work from home job. 

Food Is Fuel 

Not only is food important for keeping you alive and well, cooking healthy foods is a great way to take a break! Make a light snack or meal prep for the week when you need to step away from your desk, couch, or bed, to help keep you going throughout the day. A cooking break is a fun, beneficial activity for you or those you live with to do together. For some recipe inspiration, visit PinterestMinimalist Baker, and Bon Appetit.  

Stretch / Walk It Out 

Cue DJ Unk’s “Walk It Out”. Getting up from your work station and moving your body is the key to work from home success. While we may not do it enough when we’re in-office (props to those who do!), getting in some movement is vital to keeping your spirits up. Just 15 minutes a day can really make a difference. We love going for a walk around our neighborhood or stretching it out with friends like Yoga with Adriene or Fitness Blender. Hot Tip: A quick yoga sesh or HIIT workout can do wonders to your morale. 


Sitting quietly with your eyes closed while counting your breath is so much harder than we think, but it’s also so rewarding. Instead of your usual water cooler chat, give meditation a go. Try for just 5 minutes. Set your timer and sit on the floor, a pillow, or a yoga mat with your back against the wall, couch, or bed frame. Close your eyes and breathe naturally. You can do this in silence or play some nice ocean waves or calming sounds. Focus completely on your breathing and let your thoughts come and go. To calm your mind, incorporate our Releaf Drops or Releaf Capsules to help you drop into the meditation. Reminder: there is no wrong way to meditate, but it is a daily practice and one that takes time, focus, and energy. For guided meditations, try apps like HeadspaceCalm, and Waking Up

Reading Break 

Whether it’s an article you’ve been trying to get through or a book you can’t put down, we encourage you to take a reading break. Choose something that is unrelated to your job and take 10-15 minutes to yourself and read. After your reading break, take some of our raw, THCa Living Tincture to feel more alert and focused for an extra boost of motivation so you can take on the rest of your day.  

Turn up the music and dance it out! 

Nothing, and we mean nothing, beats a dance off with yourself for 2:48 seconds. Pick your favorite song, blast it, and get your body moving. Your mind will thank you later for the reprieve from your computer screen and your body will appreciate the movement. Might we recommend Otis Day & the Knights’ “Shout”!   

Take a Bath 

Baths are like the epitome of relaxation and a great way to soothe your mind and body after a long day of using your brain. Soak the stress away by lighting some candles, playing some of your favorite music, or bringing your book in the tub! For an even more luxurious bath, try making your own DIY bath soak. You can emulate our Releaf Soak using this simple DIY CBD bath soak recipe that will help you forget your troubles and chill out. And for those of you with no tub, you can use it as an exfoliating scrub to help with your squeaky clean dry, cracked hands! And for even more comfort post-bath, massage our Releaf Balm into your back, neck, and shoulders. 

Pro-tip: Unplug after work 

If you work at home every day the distinction between work life and real life can begin to blur. Having a proper work/life balance is vitally important to your mental health and well–being. When you are done working for the day, do a couple of the following things to unplug:  

1) Step away from your computer. 

2) Put your phone on silent (or for the bold: put it on Airplane Mode for an hour!) 

3) Stay off social media. 

4) Do one or all of the tips we mentioned above. 

We understand that it can be hard to work from home, especially when forced, but it is possible for you to keep up a healthy lifestyle, even with limited contact to the outside world. We hope you take some of our advice and make the most of your time at home. Papa & Barkley was founded on caring for the ones we love, and we stand by that. We’d love to hear about what you’re doing while you work from home. Connect with us on social media at @papaandbarkley and tell us your favorite ways to stay motivated!  

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How to Stay Motivated at Your Work from Home Job
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How to Stay Motivated at Your Work from Home Job
Have you joined the other millions of people who are now working from home? Here’s how to stay motivated during your work from home job.
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