By Cyrus Sepahbodi & Laine Hammer 

While many cannabis enthusiasts have heard of “hash”, do we all really know what it is? To understand what hash is, we need to remember that the Cannabis plant has both a physical structure – the leaves, the stalk, the roots – and the actual essence of the plant itself – the trichomes – which are comprised of aromatic terpenes and cannabinoids. Hash is a concentrated form of cannabis made by collecting the trichome heads. Because of how hash is made, it contains a higher concentration of THC, and comes into existence when trichomes are separated from the plant and undergo a process that yields kief, which will then turn into hash.  

How is hash made? 

Our process of making hash is simple and clean. There are many ways you can make hash, but we prefer a solventless method. Since hash is made from trichome resin glands, it’s as simple as removing the leaves and trimmings from the cannabis plant, and dry sifting, or using dry ice to separate out the trichomes, which become kief. The kief then gets pressed into hash. Those who want the benefits of stronger relief from discomfort would use hash due to its potency and heightened and concentrated effects. 

Are cannabis and hash the same thing? 

While cannabis and hash are often used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. Most of the time when you hear the word cannabis, people are referring either to the plant itself, or the flowering buds of the plant. Hash, on the other hand, is an accumulation of trichomes that are collected together and then pressed. Hash is actually a processed product of cannabis and made of pure resin, while cannabis is pure flower.

Hash vs. Rosin 

Hash is hand-made by condensing kief into small portions that are tightly compacted together from the collected trichomes of cannabis flowers. Rosin is a concentrated oil separated from dried flower, hash, or kief using heat and pressure. At Papa & Barkley, we use a clean, solventless process to make fresh-pressed rosin and infuse it into our Releaf Body Lotion and Releaf Repair Cream

Hash vs. Kief 

Kief is the step right before hash, the yellowish stuff in the bottom of your grinder that has some major intoxicating effects. Kief is the collection of trichomes that come off the leaves of the plant when they’re ground up or sifted, making it much more attainable than hash. While kief is easier to get a hold of, you need a lot of it (from the same strain!) to make hash. 

Why is hash used in edibles? 

Artisans have used hash in edibles for various reasons throughout the history of the plant. People like Brownie Mary, a pioneer of cannabis advocacy and magical brownies, championed edibles as a viable medium for plant medicine. Hash is great in edibles because it makes accurately producing a precise dosage easier than with other cannabis mediums. Because hash is made from a concentration of trichomes, it contains lots of terpenes, making the flavor complex. 

Edibles are more accessible than smokable products for those wanting to try out cannabis, but are concerned about inhalation and the impact smoking can have on their lungs. The potency of hash allows for greater relief, and consumption tends to last longer and have prolonged effects –  which is great for people looking to lessen discomfort. The THC content of hash is significantly higher than most other mediums, besides rosin, which means your endocannabinoid system is receiving more of the cannabinoids over a longer period of time.  

At Papa & Barkley, we’re following in Brownie Mary’s footsteps and have created our very first edible with hash-infused coconut oil: Releaf Gummies. Now you can experience elevated mind and body relief with our functional, healthy edibles made with the whole cannabis plant. Our gummies are made in small batches in Humboldt using natural ingredients and solventless hash-infused coconut oil. They’re sugar-free, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and full spectrum, making them the healthiest, most pure gummies on the California market. Zero-calorie, flavorful, and available in Tart Apple (Vegan), Berry Burst (Vegan), Juicy Orange, and Wild Strawberry. Find them at a local dispensary near you. 

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