COO Boris Shcharansky, Co-Founder and CPO Guy Rocourt, and Founder & CEO Adam Grossman

By: Laine Hammer & Cyrus Sepahbodi 420 is a celebration of the hemp and cannabis plant and how far advocacy and activism has brought plant medicine in the last century. We celebrate 420 by honoring the hardworking people who came before, and the impact they had in making the cannabis industry what it is today. 

Where does “420” come from? 

If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, we bet you have either heard of or used the phrase “420”, but do you know where it came from? Turns out, it’s not a police code and it wasn’t created by the Grateful Dead. In fact, “420” was coined in 1971 in California by five San Rafael High School students known as the Waldos – named after their favorite after-school outdoor hangout spot. The phrase isn’t just about a specific time of day or date, even though we celebrate it every year on April 20th. Rather, those three numbers lend itself to a community of people united by the cannabis plant. Given the rise of legal modern cannabis – specifically, its use as plant-based medicine – the phrase is no longer taboo, but a celebration of the plant and what it can do to better our minds, bodies, and society.  

Cannabis & Caring for the Ones We Love 

After founder & CEO Adam Grossman cooked up his first ever balm in his kitchen for his father, he was inspired. He knew he had to start a business – so he teamed up with two passionate cannabis experts: Guy Rocourt, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer (in 2015) and Boris Shcharansky, Chief Operating Officer (in 2016). Both Guy and Boris had prior experience in the cannabis wellness industry, and with their help, Adam was able to perfect the blend that would become Papa & Barkley’s award-winning Releaf Balm. Every employee worked hard to help infuse oils and fill our famous balms and body oils by hand – truly a team effort from Day 1! After 4 years, our passion for safe access to clean cannabis and the potential of the plant to improve people’s lives continues to grow every single day, and we’re so glad you’re a part of our community. 

Founder Adam Grossman and his ‘Papa’ Mort Grossman

Safe Access for All 

Cannabis is a powerful medicine, and people deserve to reap the benefits. We honor hardworking people who forged safe access into a thriving, nascent industry. This is reflected in our whole plant infusion process, commitment to clean, and mission to improve people’s lives. Our partnerships with expert farmers in the Emerald Triangle and dedicated retailers in California and nationwide have allowed Papa & Barkley to help thousands of customers find safe access to high-quality whole–plant medicine. We are committed to bringing true full spectrum cannabis wellness to everyone.  

Papa & Barkley is a team of scientists, caregivers, and advocates who are committed to producing safe and reliable products from the whole plant.

Celebrating Our Roots with 4/20 Origins 

We are lucky to be part of the global cannabis community this month and we’re honoring 420 by connecting to our roots. We want to bring you along for the ride and immerse you in Papa & Barkley’s Origins Campaign, which shares the stories of dispensaries, advocates, farmers, scientists, as well as the real faces of this industry so you can learn all about the passionate activists that help people feel better every day.  

Follow us on Instagram @papaandbarkley to learn more about the origins of Papa & Barkley, and those who make up our cannabis wellness community.

What Does 420 Mean to Papa & Barkley?
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What Does 420 Mean to Papa & Barkley?
Happy 420! Ever wonder how Papa & Barkley started? Learn about our origins, the origins of 420, and how we celebrate the plant every day
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