09 September 2019

By: Sara Kern

It was a crisp 8:30 AM in Prospect Park as this year’s Brooklyn-based Wanderlust Fest began. Wanderlust Festival is an all-out celebration of mindful living that brings together over 7000 yogis, meditation practitioners, and runners for a one-day festival featuring a triathlon on September 9th. It all started with a warm-up stretch session before a 5K run, followed by a 75-minute yoga session, and finally ending with a 25-minute guided meditation. Half an hour later, participants gathered to stretch, jump, and let loose together in the park. 

Papa & Barkley was joined by other health and wellness brands at the festival and here are our top 4 trends and takeaways that we spotted at this year’s Wanderlust Brooklyn Festival: 

  • Crackers and chips are out, puffs are in. Hippeas, a gluten-free vegan snack brand, dished out puffs in unconventional flavors like sriracha sunshine. P-nuff, a baked peanut puff brand, was sampling sweeter flavors like cinnamon and cocoa. Lesser Evil, a natural food company, served up the classic yet timeless cheese flavor (just in a vegan version).
  • More all-natural and/or plant-based foods as healthy alternatives to the foods we grew up with. Banza, a health food brand, provided pasta made from chickpeas. Yondu, another snack brand, had umami seasoning made from almost exclusively vegetable broth. Lavva, non-dairy yogurt brand, featured yogurt that is exclusively made from plants. All these brands emphasize the health benefits and simple ingredients their products deliver. For example, Banza pasta has more protein than traditional pasta and Lavva yogurt is full of prebiotics and “real food ingredients”.
  • Consumers are CBD curious. Many of the people who stopped by the Papa & Barkley Releaf Station had heard about CBD and wanted to learn more. Many had never tried it but were open to trying it to help with their recovery, aches and pains. They put our CBD balm on and were amazed at the quick results! 
  • The health and wellness movement has gone mainstream. Stretching with a bunch of strangers in a park is becoming less “crunchy granola” or “woo-woo” and more mainstream. As a society, we are beginning to understand that being more conscious about what we put into our bodies is important. Like making sure the ingredients in our foods are natural and healthy, the skincare products we use must be clean, and the idea that it is okay to explore new ways to exercise (as opposed to our typical gym class). 

Photos by @rathkopfphotography for Wanderlust Fest

All these health and wellness-minded ways of being can make us more successful. If our bodies and minds feel better, we think and do better. If doing something stereotypically “woo-woo” makes you feel whole and inspired, then do it. It’s not just “self-care”. It’s growth and development. You can’t be your best self if you don’t pay attention to what makes you feel well.

Wanderlust was a celebration of getting back to our roots, spending time outdoors, and taking care of our bodies. Attendees shopped for plant-derived products and took their running off the treadmill and yoga out of studios and brought both into the park. At Papa & Barkley, celebrating nature and taking care of ourselves and the ones we love is the cornerstone of who we are, so we hope the trends we noticed at Wanderlust aren’t merely fads. Hopefully, they’re here to stay and we’re excited to be a part of the movement towards cultivating your best self.

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