CBD (short for cannabidiol) has caused some significant waves in health and wellness circles since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized it nationally. Its proponents say that it exhibits several benefits. Many of them say that using CBD oil, vaporizers, and more can help reduce stress. But how much does CBD help with stress? In this post, we’ll attempt to answer that question by looking at the science behind CBD and tensions relief.

Does CBD Help With Stress?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that one of CBD’s most powerful properties is its stress-relieving effects. This isn’t just folk medicine, though. There’s peer-reviewed, scientific evidence that also supports these claims.

Currently, doctors prescribe an array of pharmaceuticals to treat these disorders. They include options like serotonin reuptake inhibitors, benzodiazepine, monoamine reuptake inhibitors, and other drugs. Curiously, CBD appears to use the same neurological pathways as some of these drugs: the 5-HT1A Receptor.

One benefit to CBD is the compound’s lack of adverse reactions. Many of those unfamiliar with the compound assume that since it comes from the cannabis plant, CBD possesses a psychoactive “high.” However, this isn’t the case. CBD doesn’t provide the high typical of cannabis. That’s the domain of THC, another main component in marijuana.

Using CBD for Stress

Patients who want to use CBD for stress and relaxation have several options. Today, you can find CBD in the form of soft gels, capsules, tinctures, candies, and more. You can find both hemp-derived CBD and cannabis-derived CBD products, however, only hemp-derived CBD products may be sold nationally. One of the most popular options among CBD enthusiasts is using CBD oil for stress relief.

CBD Oil for Stress

Many CBD proponents find that CBD oil has several advantages over other forms of the compound. For one, most CBD oil containers come with a measuring dropper built into the top. That means that a user can get consistent doses every time they use CBD.

Additionally, CBD oil provides users with two different dosing options. First, you can simply swallow the oil, allowing your digestive system to absorb it. Or, you can place the oil under your tongue. This method, known as sublingual application, allows the body to absorb CBD directly into the bloodstream via the blood vessel-rich area beneath the tongue. The end result is a faster onset than regular oral consumption.

So how much CBD oil should you actually use to alleviate stress? 

In a review of CBD studies, researchers attempted to determine the best dosage of CBD oil for stress. Researchers gave participants vastly different amounts of CBD during experiments. Some dosages were even as high as 900 mg! This is significantly higher than what the average person will need to manage their stress. In the study, researchers determined that 16 mg, given throughout the day, was sufficient to help patients with emotional processing related to stress. However, this is not a hard-and-fast dosing guideline. When starting out with any cannabinoid product, start with the lowest dose possible and then increase your dosage until you’ve achieved your desired effect.

Where Can I Find CBD Oil?

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