With more and more US states recognizing the benefits of both medical and recreational cannabis, marijuana is finding greater acceptance in mainstream culture. And while many proponents praise cannabis’s possible healing abilities, they overlook another one of the plant’s properties. An increasing number of users are experiencing cannabis’s ability to enhance sexual pleasure. In this post, we’ll explore the sexual benefits of cannabis and cover some of the best products for boosting sexual experiences.

Cannabis and Sex: Effects and Benefits

Assessing cannabis’s effect on sexual function seems like it shouldn’t be that difficult. However, there are countless variables that can affect sexual function, satisfaction, and arousal. One of the most important of these variables is the sex of the person using cannabis. Below, we’ll break down how cannabis can affect sex for both men and women.

Marijuana and Men’s Sexual Experience

Unfortunately, research connecting men’s sexual experience and cannabis are limited. 

However, one human study shows some promising results. The study involved a survey of 325 men with an average age of 47. It measured the participants’ sexual function, arousal, and overall satisfaction.

The survey boasted fascinating results. Data showed that men who consumed cannabis 6 times or more per week reported increased sexual arousal, satisfaction, and performance in comparison to non-cannabis users.

Researchers also noted that cannabis-using men reported these higher levels of satisfaction, function, and arousal regardless of their consumption method (smoking, vaping, or eating). The composition of participants’ cannabis (for example, whether it was THC- or CBD-dominant) wasn’t taken into account. 

Cannabis and Womens’ Sexual Experience

One study into cannabis’s effect on womens’ sexual function took a similar approach to the one we referenced for men’s sexual function above. It included a survey of 373 women, 35 percent of whom reported using cannabis before sex.

The study discovered that women who use cannabis are more than twice as likely to experience heightened arousal and increased pleasure. Participants also reported decreased pain from sex, which is a problem that many women suffer through in silence. However, the study saw no correlation between cannabis use and increased lubrication.

Although the study found that women don’t experience increased lubrication from cannabis, solutions exist. Cannabis-infused lubricants can deliver cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream while directly increasing lubrication. In this way, women can solve some of the most pressing sexual problems they face. You can even make one with a tincture, just use your favorite tincture (we love 1:3 CBD/THC Ratio) and add one part tincture to two parts MCT oil. 

Spice Up Your Sex Life with the Benefits of High-Quality Cannabis Strains and Products

Want to spice up your sex life with the benefits of cannabis? Try taking an edible or some tincture beforehand. A tincture used sublingually will provide a quicker onset time, while an edible will have an onset time closer to one or one and half hours.

If you need to stock up on the perfect product for your sexual adventures, look no further. Check out Papa & Barkley’s THC tinctures and edibles to easily introduce cannabis into your sex life. Improved arousal, function, and satisfaction are within reach!

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