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There are numerous physical challenges that golfers can face because of the strength and fitness required to play the game. Injury can become a common issue for golfers. This is due to the repetitive nature of the techniques you have to use in golfing. Many pro golfers are turning to CBD to help with recovery but even amateur golfers can benefit from using both THC and CBD to help improve their game. Here are the most common golf injuries and how to treat them with CBD & THC.

Use CBD Balm for Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is a common repetitive injury that golfers begin to develop. The repetitive movement of the wrist during the swing and the force applied to the tendons can begin to cause regular discomfort. But by taking a CBD balm, such as Papa & Barkley’s pain balm, golfers can alleviate the inflammation in their wrists. Use CBD balm by applying it liberally to your wrist and repeating at least twice per day. The benefit of a CBD balm is that it targets the specific area of discomfort.

Use THC-Rich Body Oil for Golfer’s Elbow

Elbow tendonitis is the most common injury of the elbow and commonly referred to as ‘golfer’s elbow.’ It causes soreness and inflammation for golfers due to the repetitive stress golf swings. But golfers can combat that discomfort off the course by using a THC-rich body oil to massage and soothe the muscles surrounding the elbow. Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Body Oil is a great way to help recover from the links, and the best part is that since the cannabinoids are used dermally (on top of the skin), the body oil will not get you high.


Use CBD-Rich Patches for Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Pain

Another common, and more painful stress injury that golfers face is shoulder or rotator cuff pain. This occurs when the force of club’s impact against the ball can cause a rotator cuff injury and pain in the shoulder. A simple and discreet method to treat this discomfort would be to use CBD and THC transdermal patches, like Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Patches. The benefits include a slow release and sustained onset of whole body relief. Application is quick and easy, and can last up to 12 hours.


Use THC-Rich Soaks & CBD Balm for Knee Aches and Pains

After a long day of playing 18 holes your knees can begin to ache. This is because your knees are integral to stabilizing your hips when following through on your swing. For golfers who want to actively recover at the end of the course a THC-rich soak can not only relieve aches for your whole body but can target the knees and help with discomfort. Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Soak is made with Dead Sea salts and infused with 1:3 ratio of CBD to THC. Add it to a warm bath for total body relief. Golfers can also supplement their recovery on the course by using the CBD balm mentioned above to mitigate discomfort while golfing.


Use Patches and Soaks for Lower Back Pain

Back pain is perhaps the most common injury for golfers. Golfers can spend several hours in bent positions while applying pressure on their back. The repetitive movements of the golf swing during that time can cause discomfort and strain. A THC or CBD patch, like Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Patches, can help lessen the discomfort of lower back pain. Application is quick and relief can last up to 12 hours. After your course, a great way to recover from that pain is with a THC soak mentioned earlier. Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Soak is a great way to get whole body relief after golfing.

Sink the Putt With CBD

Here’s a quick guide for common injuries that golfers sustain and what CBD or THC products to use when trying to actively recover:

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Treating common golf injuries with CBD and THC
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Treating common golf injuries with CBD and THC
There are numerous physical challenges that golfers can face because of the strength and fitness required to play the game.
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