by Mimi Kuehn

Get an inside look at the diverse team and learn more about their first-ever full-team gathering.

Papa & Barkley Brand Ambassador Program

From retirees to those who identify as LGBT, our Brand Ambassadors represent the incredible diversity we see reflected in our clients and across the country. As first-line representatives of our products, they are truly the heroes of our organization. So often, our Brand Ambassadors are the first smiling faces our clients see and interact with—sometimes even before trying our product! They engage in critical conversations with compassion, discuss sensitive topics with grace, and are at ease discussing chronic pain in conditions or educating first-timers on the ABCs of CBD. They’re in dispensaries chatting with managers and representing us at expos, so we want to highlight some of the exciting updates this team has had over the last few months. We are so proud of all they do for Papa & Barkley.

Papa & Barkley’s BA Retreat

Headed up by our intrepid Trade Marketing Coordinator Vat Tan, our Brand ambassador program currently features 30 BA’s across California. Last month, for the first time, and certainly not the last time—our entire Brand Ambassador team met for a few days to get to know each other and talk about plans for the future. Everyone was invited down to the new headquarters. The event was a success and allowed us to create a real community of BA’s invested in educating consumers about the power of cannabis. What we took away from this incredible meeting of the minds is how diverse everyone is, from age, ability and interest area. The passion for the product is different for each person, but each reason offered—each unique detail—that our brand ambassadors can relate to customers. Our customers come to our clients with questions regarding their own life experiences, and we count on Brand Ambassadors to respond and recommend with compassion and care. And truly they rise to the occasion. The team went over communication strategies, future plans and explored all the benefits of up-and-coming products. With a more centralized base of knowledge and representatives in different areas, we feel like the brand and our Brand Ambassador team is stronger than ever. We’re thrilled to see new relationships building across this incredible team of individuals.

“For me, coming into this role, this has been a wonderful challenge. I have this great opportunity to educate and socialize cannabis in a way that helps people’s lives. At its core Papa & Barkley’s BA program is a community of compassionate educators, empowering and enriching people’s lives through a whole plant approach to health and wellness. That is the mission that we all collectively built and came up with together at the BA retreat.”

We appreciate the opportunity to educate about the power of cannabis and to interact with people every day, and we couldn’t do it without the help of our wonderful BA’s. So the next time you are at one of our events, stop by one of our booths and say hello!

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