If you’re new to cannabis, are visiting a new dispensary for the first time, or just aren’t sure of what you want, then a trip to the dispensary can be kind of overwhelming. With so many different strains, brands, and products to choose from, finding the perfect one can be tricky. Luckily, dispensary staff can help you out and point you in the right direction. Here are 7 budtender questions to ask:

Ask Your Budtender! 

You can always turn to your budtender for some advice. Learning about cannabis is a big part of becoming a budtender and a good budtender will know their dispensary’s menu inside out.

What Is a Budtender?

Budtenders are dispensary staff that are responsible for helping customers choose and purchase cannabis products. They’ll definitely be able to give you some advice and suggestions to make your life easier. Sometimes they go by different names, like “patient advisors” or “consultants,” but they all perform the same function.

So just what should you be asking? Here are some budtender interview questions for you to ask your local budtender next time you’re not sure which product(s) to choose. Be ready to share what you’d like help with and your comfort level with THC or getting high.

What Would You Recommend for [X]?

If you want to use cannabis for a particular reason, like easing pain, finding relaxation, or getting better sleep, ask your budtender about that specifically so they can best help you. Understanding your “why” will help your budtender determine which cannabinoid ratio may meet your goals, what consumption method could help you get your desired effects, and more.

Asking for personal recommendations is a great way to learn about and explore cannabis products that you wouldn’t otherwise think to try. Chances are that the dispensary staff loves cannabis just as much as you do and has had a chance to sample the menu. They’ll be glad to share their favorite items with you and tell you all about why they love them so much.

I Recently Enjoyed [Product]. What Do You Recommend That Is Similar? 

This is probably one of the most common budtender interview questions – and for good reason. Asking for a similar product to the one you already like is the simplest way to find something else that you’re going to enjoy. If you only have a vague idea of the kind of product or strain that you’re looking for, ask for some similar recommendations that can guide you in the right direction. 

What Cannabinoids Are in This Product?/How Much THC/CBD Is in This Product?

The cannabinoids in a product, and the exact ratio that they exist in, will have a huge influence on the effects that the product produces

If you’ve got your eye on a certain product but aren’t quite sure of the contents or their ratio, make sure to ask before buying. A package may show a CBD:THC ratio (or THC:CBD ratio) that shows how much of each cannabinoid is present in relation to the other. So a 3:1 CBD ratio will have 3 times more CBD than THC. Products will also contain more specific percentages or milligrams so you can see just how much of each cannabinoid is in the product. 

Knowing just how much CBD or THC a product contains can give you a good idea of its value and whether or not it’s right for you. If there’s a specific terpene that you’re looking for, don’t forget to ask about that as well. 

How are my products made?

  • Solventless or with CO2/Butane or Isolate
  • Full Spectrum or Broad

How Do I Use This Product?

Today’s modern world of cannabis is a lot more complex than just joints and brownies. Cannabis use has evolved and there are many different types of products and consumption methods that can get you where you want to go. If you’re not sure exactly how a product is intended to be used for maximum effectiveness, just ask. 

How Much of This Product Should I Consume at Once?

Since different products can contain different amounts of cannabinoids, it’s important to consider what your ideal dosage will be before trying it. A knowledgeable budtender should be able to give you some good tips for finding a comfortable and effective dosage for your specific situation. 

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