“If someone asks ‘what does Papa & Barkley do for people?’ What I would answer is, improve people’s lives.”

A Son’s Mission

Papa & Barkley‘s origin began in a slow cooker with an urgent need to ease a father’s debilitating back pain. Under pressure to find a solution, founder Adam Grossman created what is now our groundbreaking Releaf balm. The combination of whole ingredients, pressure and love resulted in an original and natural product that helped Adam’s father, Papa, move again. Adam’s protective dog, Barkley, remained by his side through it all, and the company is named in their honor.  This is the foundation for how our company operates today—we began by caring for the ones we love. So we offer products to make daily living more comfortable.

For Our Family & Yours

Today, we are a team of caregivers, scientists, researchers and designers on a mission to unlock the healing power of the cannabis plant to improve people’s lives. Our process combines traditional techniques with cutting-edge, best-in-class research. We are committed to keeping solvents and distillates out of our products—instead we let the plant do the work.

We use the highest-quality sun-grown cannabis flowers from our farming partners in Humboldt County, California. We always seek organic raw ingredients and essential oils, and our infusion process keeps our products completely free of chemicals. What does this all mean? We use all-natural ingredients, add simple heat, pressure and a touch of love, and that’s all.

Papa & Barkley works with small farms in California’s Humboldt County to grow our ingredients. Our farmers believe in producing clean plants that translate into effective products, and we value these relationships with our dedicated farmers. Healthy cannabis plants come from crisp mountain air, healthy living soils, natural sunlight and healthy, fresh spring water.

Our people are farmers, caregivers, scientists, researchers and engineers—all with families, friends and communities. We created products to make daily living more comfortable, and that is still our mission today.



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