6 Ways to Get It On With Your Significant Other All Year Long

by Simona Gallant


As with any relationship, sometimes your intimate life with your loved one can be put on pause for a variety of perfectly valid reasons. Whether it’s a long day at work, a stress-related mood swing or the adjustment to the eternal forever-ness of your love — the action in the bedroom can sometimes get deprioritized or pushed to the sidelines. It’s easy to miss the all-important physical connection – holding hands, running your hands through their hair, cuddling – when life hits a lull, so it can be difficult to jumpstart the excitement engine again and be left wondering how to have better sex. That’s why we’re sharing a few ideas about how you can jazz up your bedroom experience year-round. And more importantly, these solutions do so without breaking the bank on second honeymoons or lavish gifts!


1. Get Balmed Up for a Massage

There’s nothing like a deep, relaxing, sensual rub-down from someone that shares that physical spark with you. Strip down, melt into luxury, and let your significant other travel their hands across your entire body (yes, even those places) as a great way to start the foreplay. CBD can increase your sex-drive in a few ways, so for those looking to release tension or sex-related stress, we recommend setting the right mood by pairing our Releaf Balm with your favorite, low-key, sexy playlist. We’ve found that our Releaf Balm helps melt away the day’s soreness with its activated heating properties and can give your partner an arousing, mild scent of tea tree and peppermint for when you’re physically close.


2. A Little Bit of Roleplay

What turns you on when you fantasize? Some creativity can be key to healthy sex drive and role-playing only limits your exploration to your imagination. Take turns sharing scenarios that turn you on and try exploring different bedroom dynamics that might be new to you and your partner.


3. Feel the Releaf with a Bath Soak

A super-sensual bathtub date can be a perfect antidote to breaking a dry streak. Just as sexy as skinny-dipping and more intimate than showering, bathing together can be the required spark to a memorable night. Pairing a bath with candles, scents, and wine is a seductive start, but adding Papa and Barkley’s Releaf Soak is really what can get you disappearing into an erotic embrace. Infused with Dead Sea salts, our Releaf Soak takes after it’s ancestral aphrodisiacal practice by creating full-body relief for both you and your partner.


4. Read or Listen to Erotica

These days, it’s rare for silence to exist in any part of our daily routines (let alone our sex lives). Luckily, there’s a booming erotica industry of podcasts and short stories that can help excite and set the stage for a passionate night. To get started, we recommend an application called Dipsea: it features short, provocative stories with extremely high production value and curation. See if you can find one or two that will have you both longing for each other’s physicality before the story ends.


5. Infuse a Candlelit Dinner with a Tincture

The effort is sexy and cooking at home is always a great way of coming together with your partner. Romantic dinners can be cliche, sure, but we find that adding our Releaf Drop tinctures to one or two of your recipes can be the romantic initiation that’s currently missing from your favorite meal. Just keep in mind that when taken orally, tinctures will take a bit longer to activate: so by dessert, we promise that you both will be floating your way to the bedroom for an improved hour of sexual exploration.


6. Get Out Of The Bedroom

This might seem obvious, but our sex lives can rarely escape the bedroom. Kitchens, dens and staircases can collect sexual dust and go years without seeing any action. Surprise your partner by taking them in a place where they least expect it and let your fantasies run wild! Remember, a sex drive can come and go naturally. But when it sometimes seems like it can disappear at the wrong moments, there are plenty of ways that you can re-ignite that passion with a perfect balance of spontaneity and some help with a good CBD product or two. Next thing you know, you’ll be the one giving your friends tips on how to have better sex.


How to Have Better Sex and More Intimacy
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How to Have Better Sex and More Intimacy
Sex life hit a stall? Have no fear: these budget-friendly and DIY activities will help bring back the spark and enhance pleasure with the help of a few CBD products
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