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By: Laine Hammer & Cyrus Sepahbodi 

2020 is almost over, and it’s safe to say this year has been an interesting one. With everything that has happened this year, we’ve all been trying our best to keep our heads above water in the hopes of getting to the other side. At Papa & Barkley, we believe in finding ways to celebrate. We’ve all endured myriad changes this year, which is more reason to give ourselves the time and space to experience joy this holiday season! Take a moment to focus on the good stuff! To help you get there, we’ve curated the ultimate Papa & Barkley gift guide so you can find your moment of bliss and spread relief to the ones you love. 

Cannabis For Joy 

The holidays are a time for joy! From Thanksgiving to the New Year, friends and family come together and celebrate one another. While the holidays may look a little different this year, with many of us connecting virtually instead of in person, we can still celebrate with gifts to ourselves and the ones we love. From soothing sore muscles and joints to helping us all unwind and find calm, there are so many ways cannabis can bring light, relaxation, and joy into our lives. 

Even without a global pandemic, holidays can sometimes be stressful, but we’re here for you.  Our Cannabis Wellness Gift Guide highlights the Releaf Products that will help you and your loved ones alleviate stress, stay connected with friends and family, and #UnwrapBliss this holiday season. 

Papa & Barkley Holiday Gift Basket 

Papa & Barkley wouldn’t be California’s #1 cannabis wellness brand without our hero products: Releaf BalmReleaf Tincture, and Releaf Capsules. If you want to introduce your friends and family to P&B, the core three is the way to do it. Our award-winning Releaf Balm was designed to help your grandma with her achy knees and your workout buddy with their sore muscles! The Releaf Tincture comes in several ratios – from CBD-rich to THC-Rich so you have several options to them feel great every day. Last, but not least, if they’re looking for a precise dose, our Releaf Capsules make it easy to incorporate cannabis wellness into an everyday vitamin regimen. There’s no wrong way to use our core three! 

Gifts for You 

We know you want to find the perfect gift for your friends and family, but we’re here to say that you deserve a moment of bliss, too! One of our favorite ways to treat ourselves is with some luxury skincare products and something tasty! This past year, we released our 1:1 Releaf Repair Cream – a soothing face and neck cream designed to help with skin conditions, redness, and hydration so you can have a healthy glow. Many of our employees took a 14-day skincare challenge to test it out, and the results did not disappoint!  

Papa & Barkley's Releaf Repair Cream is the perfect addition to the holiday gift guide!
Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Repair Cream is the perfect gift for your skin!

No, we did not forget about something tasty! Meet our Releaf Gummies. These functional, healthy edibles are vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and full spectrum, making them the healthiest, most pure gummies on the California market. Zero-calorie, flavorful, and available in Tart Apple and Berry Burst, Releaf Gummies will help you relax and get the good night’s sleep your mind and body deserves.  

Gifts For Your Mom & Dad 

We know how hard it is to find that perfect gift for mom and dad or the parental figure in your life.  While it can be tricky thinking up uniquely special gifts, if it comes from the heart, you know they’ll love it. If your mom or dad loves taking care of their skin, feeling relaxed, or sleeping well, (and who doesn’t?) we’ve got some gifts they will really appreciate! 

Papa & Barkley's Releaf Balm is an award-winning salve designed to target discomfort and normal inflammation topically.
Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm is an award-winning salve designed to target discomfort and normal inflammation topically.

Our Releaf Body Lotion is the moisturizing powerhouse your mom or dad didn’t know they needed! Everyone deserves to have soft and healthy skin. Our Body Lotion is made for all genders and skin types with fresh-pressed rosin and moisturizing agents like jojoba oil and mango seed oil to help soothe skin conditions, reduce redness, and hydrate dry skin!  

Papa & Barkley's Releaf Body Lotion, perfect for targeted topical relief.
Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Body Lotion, perfect for targeted topical relief.

If mom or dad ever wakes up with achy knees or has sore muscles post-workout, we’ve got a lot of options! For targeted relief, we highly recommend our award-winning Releaf Balm, or for some extra love, our Releaf Patches offer ultra-targeted comfort where you need it most.  

Gifts for Your Coworkers 

Laine Hammer, Papa & Barkley Jedi Copywriter/Mountaineer Extraordinaire.
Laine Hammer, Papa & Barkley Jedi Copywriter/Mountaineer Extraordinaire.

Do you have a work partner that deserves a little Releaf this holiday season? I know I do (looking at you Laine Hammer!). This season give the gift of relief with Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Tinctures. Our tinctures are designed for whole body wellness and is great for normal inflammation, restful sleep, and overall relaxation. Made through whole plant infusion and MCT oil, the tinctures are a great option because they are compact, easy to carry, and can be personalized for your individual needs!  -Cyrus 

Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Tinctures are one of my favorite products! Not only does it work amazing for whole body wellness, but it is by far the fastest consumption method when taken sublingually. -Cyrus

Gifts for your BFF 

Drew Hyland, Papa & Barkley Director of Marketing & Sweater Connoisseur

We all want our BFFs to feel good, right? I know during stressful times, some of my best friends have trouble sleeping and as a fellow poor sleeper, I understand how frustrating that can be. Seeing as my sister/best friend/roommate loves chocolate, I’m glad I can gift our Releaf Chocolates to help her relax and ease into a restful night’s sleep. Not only does our Releaf Chocolate come in two delicious flavors: Milk Chocolate & Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt (vegan!), but it’s made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients and solventless fresh-pressed rosin for a clean, tasty cannabis delicacy. Releaf Chocolate is the perfect addition to your nightly ritual or movie snack repertoire. You never know, it might just become a wellness habit you’ll crave! -Laine 

Better. For You. 

Holidays are an important time for everyone, especially this year. Staying connected and sharing joy with your loved ones really makes a difference. It is equally important to take care of yourself and the ones that you love. Our company was founded on the same principle, which is why when you choose a Papa & Barkley product you choose clean and effective cannabis wellness that is better for you. 

If you aren’t located in California, worry not! We have a national line of Releaf CBD products that can be delivered right your, or your loved ones, door! 

Give the Gift of Releaf

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