Papa & Barkley debuted our newest product at Hall of Flowers season 3, which took place on September 18-19, 2019 at the Sonoma Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, CA. Hall of Flowers is one of the largest cannabis industry trade shows, bringing together leading brands, retailers, professionals and cannasseurs. 

In addition to our signature therapeutic on-site massage treatments, attendees were the first to see Papa & Barkley’s new Living Tincture— made from raw, fresh frozen flower created with a low-heat infusion process. The broad spectrum THCa-rich tincture has a light botanical aroma and flavor. 

Sample the Living Tincture!

Available starting November 2019. Interested in learning more? Sign up to be notified of Living Tincture tasting parties in your city.

Changing Lives One Dose at a Time

Hall of Flowers has quickly become one of our favorite events in cannabis because of moments like these and because the event brings together the movers and shakers of our industry. It’s a place where we reconnect with familiar faces, have meaningful conversations and cultivate relationships to grow our businesses. We learn from and are inspired by each other as we build a fast-growing industry together. The energy and excitement of this event is also an opportunity for us to pause and reflect on why we started on this journey many years ago and be grateful for how far we’ve come. It inspires us to constantly innovate and create new products to help take care of the ones you love. 

The most rewarding moments throughout the weekend reinforced our mission to unlock the power of cannabis to improve people’s lives. People constantly stopped by our booth or stopped us in person to tell us their stories. Stories about how “my father uses your balm, it is the only thing that helps his pain. He’s able to stop taking pain killers and now he’s obsessed with your balm.” Or “You changed my cousin’s life who has Parkinson’s,” and “My mom uses your balm for her arthritis and knee pain. She’s always asking me to buy her more and it gave her her life back.” So many powerful stories, from so many different walks of life. This is the foundation of our work and our purpose as a company; to provide safe access to the healing powers of cannabis for those who need it most. It warms our hearts and fuels our passion as a company to bring so much good to the world.

We are a community of caregivers and activists. 

Hall of Flowers Season 3 Highlights

Here are some of the highlights from Hall of Flowers Season 3:

Papa & Barkley Chief Product Officer Guy Rocourt was interviewed for the inaugural episode of MARY Radio! Listen to the new MARY Magazine Podcast on iTunes and Spotify

Big love and thanks to Sunrise Mountain Farms and our friends at Humboldt Sun Growers Alliance for chilling and chatting with everyone who came by our booth. 

We were blessed to win three WeedCon awards earlier this year and the trophies which were hand-delivered to us at the event. We won 1st Place Best Topical for our 3:1 Releaf Balm, 1st Place Best Concentrate for Papa’s Select Papaya Live Rosin, and 3rd Place Best Tincture for our 1:30 Releaf Tincture.

Our Brand Ambassadors rocked our new farmer aprons designed exclusively for Papa & Barkley by Hedley & Bennett. These denim waist aprons with hand-dyed leather trim are designed and handmade in Los Angeles, handcrafted from start to finish using top grade American canvas, raw Japanese selvage denim and European linens. These unique pieces are built to last and made for hard-working makers, creators and Papa & Barkley’s cannabis farmers.

Shout out to Nikki and Swami for an awesome conversation about the value of aged cannabinoids and terpenes, and the general rush to cut flowers prior to full maturity. Let’s bring back the amber!

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All photos by Sam Armanino

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