Did you know “CBD facts” aren’t always facts? Lately, it seems like everyone is talking about CBD. But with so much talk, it’s inevitable that some misinformation will work itself into the conversation. In fact, some CBD oil facts that you may have seen on blogs or news sites are not very factual at all. That’s why we’re taking the time to debunk some of the most common CBD myths that we see flying around on a regular basis. 

Here are 6 myths about CBD and the facts that you actually need to know. 

Myth #1: CBD Is Not Psychoactive

Many people like to claim that CBD is not psychoactive. This statement is often made in order to let people know that CBD does not get you high like THC does. But just because CBD is not mind-altering in the way that THC is does not mean that it isn’t psychoactive.

A “psychoactive” substance is one that has some kind of effect on a person’s mental state — and CBD certainly does. If CBD is believed to have calming effects and to minimize cravings, how can it not be affecting one’s mental state? 

Myth #2: Less Is More With CBD Oil

Another one of the CBD oil facts that we see all the time is that small doses of CBD can be just as effective as large doses. Most studies that test the effects of CBD do so using large doses often ranging in the hundreds of milligrams. And while you certainly don’t have to use this much to experience CBD’s beneficial effects, don’t expect that 5 mg will be enough to calm your anxiety. 

There’s no established effective dose of CBD for any single effect and the only way to find the perfect dose for your situation is through trial and error. But know that CBD simply isn’t as effective as THC when it comes to micro-dosing.

Myth #3: CBD Is Sedating

CBD’s calming effects can often be confused for sedating ones. But in reality, CBD does not produce any kind of sedation. While CBD is often used as a sleep aid, it won’t actually sedate you or make you sleepy. Nevertheless, CBD’s calming effects are great for slowing down a racing mind and helping people get to sleep, especially if they suffer from anxiety. 

Many CBD-rich strains are also high in Myrcene, a terpene known for producing sedating effects. This may also explain why some people have come to believe that CBD is sedating. 

CBD myths

Myth #4: CBD Isolate Is Just as Good as Full-Spectrum 

Some people claim that CBD isolate is just as effective as full-spectrum CBD oil. But a 2015 study found that other cannabis compounds may actually empower CBD to produce stronger effects

These findings support the entourage effect, a theory first proposed by Israeli researchers in 1998, that states that cannabinoids work better when they are accompanied by other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant. 

While more research is needed to fully confirm the entourage effect, it’s pretty safe to say that full-spectrum, and even broad-spectrum, CBD products are likely more effective than CBD isolate. 

Myth #5: CBD Binds to Endocannabinoid Receptors

When cannabinoids enter your system, they work by interacting with your body’s inner endocannabinoid system – a network of cell receptors spread throughout your central and peripheral nervous systems. 

THC works by binding directly to these receptors. But despite what anyone may tell you, CBD does not. Instead, it actually modulates the ability of these receptors to bind to THC, making it less effective. It also seems to stimulate non-ECS receptor pathways like 5-HT1A receptors and to delay the breakdown of endocannabinoids — cannabinoid-like compounds naturally produced by the body. 

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Myth #6: CBD Doesn’t Work

One of the largest CBD myths around is that it simply doesn’t work. Some people have tried CBD to find that it doesn’t work for them. They may have tried CBD isolate or a broad-spectrum product — neither of which has THC. Your body requires a little bit of THC to activate your whole endocannabinoid system. If you have tried a broad-spectrum product and didn’t get the results you wanted, you may want to consider a full spectrum product to experience better results.

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