From the spa to the supermarket, CBD’s many uses have it showing up everywhere lately. What was once an alternative medicine is now a mainstream supplement that countless people swear by. And now CBD is making its way into the bedroom too. CBD and sex has become a hot topic among many people looking to spice up their sex lives. Does CBD oil make sex better? 

CBD And Sex: Does CBD Oil Make Sex Better?

Many people find that a little CBD before sex can greatly improve the experience. Those who suffer from discomfort or stress may find it especially useful. CBD won’t magically make sex more pleasurable, but if you’re struggling to enjoy sex due to discomfort, nerves, or dryness, it may be able to make it more enjoyable. 

CBD, Stress, And Sex

How exactly does CBD oil make sex better? One way is by reducing stress. Stress is a common cause of many sex-related performance problems including low libido and erectile dysfunction.

For starters, stress can hamper sexual performance by reducing libido. Lower libido results in a lower sex drive, and a lowered desire for sexual intercourse. The research on cannabis and libido is somewhat controversial as some studies have found that heavy cannabis use actually lowers libido. However, that only applies to chronic cannabis use and probably has much more to do with THC, than with CBD. 

CBD oil sex drive benefits may actually come from its ability to reduce stress. For people struggling with low libido due to heightened nerves, a dose of CBD may be able to get them in the mood for some bedroom adventures.

Some people suffer from sexual performance nerves, which can make the experience less pleasurable and more stressful. Stress is also believed to cause or worsen erectile dysfunction in men. The added burden of performing in the bedroom can send those nerves into overdrive, making ED problems even worse. CBD may be able to help men break through this barrier by reducing their stress levels in the bedroom, helping them to overcome any performance issues and lowering the likelihood of erectile dysfunction problems.  

CBD has been found to help reduce stress and induce a sense of calm and relaxation and research indicates that it may be useful in the treatment of various different stress disorders. It’s very possible that by treating these stress disorders, it may also help people suffering from them ease into sex and enjoy it more. 


CBD And Discomfort

Unfortunately, for some people, sex can sometimes prove to be uncomfortable. Luckily, those who experience sex-related discomfort and inflammation may find relief with CBD. 

CBD has been found to reduce inflammation and may also help with inflammatory discomfort. If you are struggling with dryness or uncomfortable sex, you may benefit from using CBD oil during sex. 

It’s also been suggested that since there are so many cannabinoid receptors in sexual organs and tissue, CBD may be able to increase blood flow and even natural lubrication when applied topically. This also means that CBD may be able to relax muscles down there, leading to less uncomfortable and more pleasurable sex. Much more research is needed to confirm these beliefs but anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD may in fact help. 

Tips For Using CBD For Better Sex

If you’re planning on trying out CBD sex, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Don’t Overdo It

More CBD won’t necessarily equal a better experience. Some people find that CBD doses much larger than they’re accustomed to can make them feel too relaxed, almost to the point where they feel sedated and sleepy. If you’re using CBD oils that work systemically, it’s important to not go overboard. You may even end up experiencing some of CBD’s side effects like headache and nausea, which will definitely spoil the mood. 

If you’re planning on using CBD in the bedroom long-term, it’s best to find your ideal dose through a little experimentation, and then stick to it

Use Trustworthy CBD Products

With so many different CBD brands on the market today, there are many products to choose from. But unfortunately, some lower-quality brands have taken to mislabeling their products in order to give the impression that they contain more CBD than they actually do. This can make it really hard to find a dosage that works well for your bedroom escapades. Make sure you stick to high-quality CBD products made by trustworthy brands that have a good reputation in order to avoid this. 


Give It Time To Work

CBD doesn’t kick in right away. If you’re using CBD oil for stress, it may take up to an hour for effects to kick in, and it may take 2 hours for those effects to peak. Make sure you give the CBD enough time to kick in. Don’t take it right before sex and expect it to work right away. 

Skip The Edibles

Edibles can be great in certain situations, but sex probably isn’t one of them. Edibles can take quite a long time to kick in, sometimes requiring 1–2 hours for effects to begin. Because of this slow process, effects also usually don’t peak until 3–4 hours after ingestion. So unless you’re planning on making it an all-night affair, it’s best to avoid edibles when mixing CBD and sex. 

Use The Right Kind of CBD Product

Using the right kind of CBD product is key to experiencing the effects you desire. For example, if you feel your nerves are holding you back or making sex less enjoyable, you’ll need a product that works systemically like a CBD oil, not a cream, lotion, or lubricant.

However, if you’re looking for relief from discomfort, skip the oil and go for a topical cream. Topical application will allow CBD to work more effectively in the localized area where it is applied, instead of having to travel through your whole system to get there.

You can also use CBD oil or lotion as a relaxing massage oil or lotion to help set the mood.
Does CBD oil make sex better? Many people seem to think so, but research into this area is unfortunately lacking. Ultimately, you won’t know until you try! Looking to try out CBD sex for yourself? Check out our shop for a wide selection of high-quality CBD products shipped nationwide.

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