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Papa & Barkley was created to help people feel better every day. From those suffering due to physical ailments to the many people afflicted by anxiousness, stress, and poor sleep, our products were made to support and comfort in times of need. CBD products have become a popular way for thousands of people to reap the benefits of whole plant cannabis sativa L (Hemp) for everyday discomfort. Papa & Barkley’s CBD topicals and tinctures are a great addition to your daily routine if you have joint discomfort and mobility concerns. Papa & Barkley is committed to working to improve quality of life for those suffering from Arthritis. That’s why we recently partnered with the Los Angeles Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation and participated in their annual Walk to Cure Arthritis to raise awareness and funds. CBD can benefit the whole body, from the inside out. We recommend starting with Papa & Barkley’s CBD Releaf Balm or CBD Body Oil for targeted relief from normal inflammation and joint discomfort. Apply these topical products on particularly sore areas to experience relief.

How to Use CBD Topicals & Drops

Our CBD Releaf Balm is made from all-natural ingredients with several healing essential oils. Extracts from eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender plants offer a cooling sensation and subtly herbaceous scent. Our CBD Body Oil It’s perfect for both dry skin and whole-body aches. Formulated to glide on smoothly and absorb quickly for head-to-toe support, the body oil is made with Jojoba, Vitamin E, and soothing essential oils.  Combine one of the topicals with an ingestible like Papa & Barkley’s CBD Capsules or CBD Hemp Drops (CBD-Rich tincture) to complete your regimen and reduce joint discomfort from within.

CBD for Mental and Physical Health & Wellness

 Given that CBD is one of the most natural supplements for joint health, it promotes joint mobility and flexibility, allowing you to live life free from discomfort. CBD is great for helping with everyday normal inflammation and has cumulative benefits, so we recommend using it daily. When used daily, CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid system in your body. If you’re new to using CBD, start by taking some tincture at night because CBD can cause some people to feel drowsy. As your body becomes accustomed to your nightly regimen you can begin to experiment with titrating your CBD dose.

If you haven’t yet, give our cannabis dosing guide a look – it even contains a dosing card to guide you through the process of finding your optimal dose. Waking up each day with discomfort and mobility concerns looming over you can often lead to increased feelings of anxiousness and stress, and the mental toll this takes is sometimes worse than the physical discomfort. Incorporating a CBD tincture into your everyday routine can ease the stress associated with that kind of physical discomfort.

Our Partnership with The Arthritis Foundation

Papa & Barkley is proud to be the very first cannabis brand to sponsor the Los Angeles chapter of the National Arthritis Foundation. We’ve supported the foundation for years, participating in their annual Coast Classic Bike Tour, which is one of our favorite team building events. We’re excited to officially sponsor their LA chapter, which we celebrated by teaming up with them for their 2020 virtual Walk to Cure Arthritis.

CBD & You

At Papa & Barkley, we want to add a sense of comfort and ease into your everyday life. We created a clean, whole plant infusion process that allows for the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, phytonutrients, and other plant matter to work its magic in your body. Adding CBD to your wellness routine is simple and will allow you to focus on a healthier, happier you.

Can CBD Topicals & Tinctures Help People with Arthritis?
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Can CBD Topicals & Tinctures Help People with Arthritis?
CBD topicals & tinctures can help with joint discomfort. Add CBD topicals & tinctures to target discomfort for flexibility & better mobility.
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