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Your Wellness Guide to Cannabis

Welcome to Papa & Barkley’s blog, your new guide to all things cannabis. Consider us a knowledge center for cannabis, including topics such as: CBD, THC, tips on dosing, ways to stay healthy, and more.


New to cannabis? Our cannabis 101 posts highlight everything you need to know about canabis if you are approaching the plant for the first time. Learn about CBD, THC, the human Endocannabinoid system, how to identify quality cannabis products, and more.

cbn for sleep

Everything You Need To Know About CBN

Over 100 different cannabinoids have been identified in the cannabis
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CBD vs. THC: What’s the Difference?

CBD and THC are the two most talked about cannabinoids,
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THC acid

The Different Types of THC and What You Need to Know About Them

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is mostly known as the fun chemical that
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People are turning to cannabis as a viable means to help fight their chronic pain. Learn about how cannabis, THC, and CBD can help with pain management.

cbd oil

How To Take CBD: A Dosage Guide

If you’ve heard about the many potential CBD oil benefits, you may
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cbd salve

How Do CBD Salves Work? Lotions, Creams, And Topicals For Acute Pain

CBD salves, lotions, and creams have gained a lot of momentum as
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cbd and sex

How CBD Can Improve Sexual Wellness

From the spa to the supermarket, CBD’s many uses have it showing
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Interested in raising your health and wellness every day? Read about how cannabis, and cannabis products, can help improve your health and wellness every day.

thc Focus

Cannabis and the Body: How Can THC Help Us Focus on Work and Chores?

Many people are finding themselves spending more and more time at home
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medical benefits of thc

10 Promising Wellness Benefits of THC

As the best studied cannabinoid, THC has shown promise for its ability
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4 Ways to Use Papa & Barkley Cannabis Topicals This Winter

By: Laine Hammer & Cyrus Sepahbodi While winter can be full of festivities
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Our Cannabis Compendium can teach you everything you need to get started with cannabis whether you are interested in pain relief, sports recovery, the ECS, as well as convenient delivery methods and our process.

Cannabis Compendium


In this guide you will learn:

  • Cannabis as Medicine
  • Your Endocannabinoid System (ECS)
  • Delivery Method
  • Our Process & Ingredients
  • And much more

Click the download arrow in the upper left column to get our Wellness Guide to Cannabis.



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