Papa & Barkley was invited to be the first cannabis company to have an open booth at the Hollywood Farmers Market.

Hollywood Farmers Market History

The Hollywood Farmers’ Market, founded on May 5th 1991, was one of just a few farmers’ markets in all of California when it opened for business. Bringing together farmers and producers from as close as Ventura County and as far away as the Central San Joaquin region, the Hollywood Farmers Market is one of the largest in the state. Today, the Market hosts 160 farmers, producers and food artisans who specialize in every crop that’s grown seasonally around the state and a large variety of culinary perspectives and practices from around the globe. Everyone from local families who live in the neighborhood to some of Southern California’s most respected chefs use the Market as their weekly food source and walk-in pantry. The Hollywood Farmers’ Market is also a community meeting place with a wide-range of activities and offerings that include live music, activities for children, a rich and varied offering of artisans selling their handmade arts and crafts and book-signings by some of the most celebrated authors in the food world.

Our very own Senior Brand Ambassador Lori Hirsch was present at the event: 

“It was eye-opening and wonderful to see that people were really open to CBD. I truly believe the generation coming up are going to be the ones that benefit from what Papa & Barkley is doing.”

Educating Attendees

Papa & Barkley is the first and only cannabis company to be invited to any farmers market. Our interactions with attendees centered around education and breaking the stigmas associated with our industry and hemp-derived products. There were nearly 500 people at the event the first week and we had the chance to speak with over 50 individuals. The second week we spoke to over 100 people about hemp and hemp-derived CBD. People from all walks of life were present at the event.  We had the opportunity to educate attendees about the human Endocannabinoid System, full spectrum cannabinoids, our whole plant infusion process, and how to identify quality CBD products.

Papa & Barkley was proud to have the opportunity to educate people and to share our process and products. We thank the Hollywood Farmers market for its hospitality and look forward to future events!

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