What is the right dose of THC or CBD to take?

Why do milligrams matter?

Often when it comes to cannabis dosing, and especially with orally consumed products like tinctures and edibles, cannabinoid content is measured in milligrams. Milligram counts are the cornerstone of proper dosing, especially with ingested products like tinctures and capsules, so understanding them is key to maximizing their effects. For the new user this can be a bit confusing at first, so we’re going to break it down and make it easy for you to know exactly how to fit your dosage needs. The common threshold for feeling the effects of THC is 2MG for most new users, depending on their weight. At around 2.5MG, most people feel a high similar in intensity to a glass of wine or beer. At around 5-10 MG, the most significant effects are felt by infrequent users, and can provide strong psychoactivity.

How Much THC Edibles Should I Take?

When dosing, especially if it’s your first time, it’s important to take things slowly so that you don’t reach an uncomfortable level. With edibles, just take 2.5 milligrams at a time, waiting 45 to 90 minutes in between doses, until your desired level of relief is achieved.

Edibles tend to metabolize THC into a form that is twice as strong and longer lasting, so it’s important to take your time and really figure out what works for you.

Be careful when dosing with THC edibles to maximize effects
The right amount when dosing with cannabis by smoking is different for everyone

How Much Cannabis Should I Smoke?

When it comes to smoking, it becomes a bit more difficult to measure proper dosing, as strains vary. The best rule of thumb for smoking is to start with flowers, as opposed to strong concentrates, and take it one inhalation at a time.

Milligram counts are essential to proper dosing, so it’s a good idea to always buy products that provide third party testing. Third party testing adds legitimacy to the cannabis industry by ensuring that all labels are accurate and that the contents of a product are always consistent.

How Much CBD or THC Tincture Should I Take?


Tinctures, when applied under the tongue and absorbed through the mouth, absorb much faster into your bloodstream and avoid the relatively high wait time of digested edibles.

Additionally, tinctures are odorless and not easily confusable with normal food items. Excellent for medicinal consumption, tinctures can come rich in CBD and THCa, both non-psychoactive but extremely beneficial, and avoid the irritation and detriments from combustion or inhalation.

To properly use a tincture, you’re going to want to place one drop at a time under the tongue, and wait about 30 seconds before swallowing, allowing the tincture time to absorb into the mouth lining. Wait 15 minutes in between drops to figure out your desired dosage, which you’ll be able to take all at once in the future. Tinctures can also be applied to food, but like edibles, this will take longer to digest and to take effect.

Each person's ratios are different when dosing with CBD & THC tinctures

How Much Should I Dose With THC? With CBD?


Proper dosage is especially important with cannabis products, as cannabinoids do not increase in therapeutic effects with a higher dosage like most medications do. While cannabis is extremely safe to use, dosage is key in extracting the greatest positive effects and avoiding adverse effects like an uncomfortable level of psychoactivity or desensitization to cannabinoids.

With cannabis, less is more when unlocking its benefits. Among the easiest ways to properly dose cannabis is the use of tinctures. These are concentrated cannabis flower extract dissolved in alcohol. Not only are tinctures far lower in calories than traditional edibles, they also come in several variations, both psychoactive and non, making it easy to find one for your needs. Average strength is about 30mg per milliliter but can also vary from product to product.

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CBD & THC: What’s the Right Dose?

Why do milligrams matter? Often when it comes to cannabis dosing, and especially with orally consumed products like tinctures and edibles, cannabinoid content is measured in milligrams. Milligram counts are the cornerstone of proper dosing, especially with ingested...

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