What’s better than living your best life by meditating? Adding a CBD infusion to the session.

This Saturday our company is sponsoring a sound bath meditation session at The Den Meditation studio in Studio City, Ca. The event is designed to teach attendees about how cannabis, specifically CBD, can be used to help reduce anxiety, promote a sense of calm, and prepare the mind and body for a meaningful sound bath meditation.

How CBD Oil Can Help You Meditate


Participants will enjoy a 15-minute presentation from our Chief Marketing Officer Kimberly Dillon and samples of Papa & Barkley Releaf Tinctures. Immediately following, there will be a Sound Bath Meditation session led by DEN teacher Thalia Ayres.

The presentation will cover:

  • The natural compounds found in cannabis
  • The positive effects of terpenes on the body
  • How to incorporate CBD into your personal life
  • CBD vs. THC products available
  • CBD & its effects on reducing anxiety
  • Hemp-derived CBD vs. Marijuana CBD

Sound Bath Meditation & CBD Tinctures


It is estimated in an HNIS study by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) that the practice of mindful meditation has increased nearly 10% among adults over the age of 18 since 2012. The health benefits of meditation are widely known to the general public, especially its ability to reduce stress and relieve anxiety by regular practice.

But what most people don’t know is that several independent medical studies suggest that meditation activates certain areas of the brain in response to pain, may lower the blood pressure of people at increased risk of developing high blood pressure, while helping to relieve psychological distress, anxiety, depression, anger or hostility.

Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Tinctures


What happens when you pair mindful meditation with Papa & Barkley’s CBD Tincture? The natural compounds found in cannabis which naturally help reduce stress and anxiety help take your meditation to the next level. The positive effects of terpenes such as Linalool (anxiety relief & pain relief), Myrcene (muscle tension relief & anti-inflammation), and Pinene (alertness & memory retention) help the practice of meditation even more effective.  

The Releaf Tincture provides a holistic, discrete and flexible option for those in need of strong pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Brewed using our proprietary lipid infusion process, the tincture infuses whole-plant cannabis directly into MCT and fractioned coconut oil, creating an extremely absorbent and highly potent formula.

Interested in Attending?

Visit the Den’s website for more information regarding the event. Please visit ant our product page for our CBD Releaf Tinctures to learn more about the amazing effects products can have on your health and wellness.