Cannabis for Seniors: Bud & Bloom Senior Bus Tour

Cannabis for Seniors: Bud & Bloom Senior Bus Tour

Papa & Barkley was proud to partner with Bud and Bloom dispensary this month to provide local seniors with a cannabis bus tour.

By Cyrus Sepahbodi

Senior Bus Tour: Bud & Bloom Dispensary

Seniors and retirees in Santa Ana had the opportunity to take a free shuttle to Bud and Bloom dispensary to learn about how cannabis can help with chronic pain in March. Seniors from Laguna Woods Village, a senior living community in southern California, took a cannabis bus tour from the facility to the dispensary where they had the opportunity to learn about cannabis and take part in a community building event. Papa & Barkley gave a lecture and taught participants about the benefits of CBD and whole plant infusions for pain management.

Seniors then had the chance to take part in chair yoga and browse the products while learning more from Bud and Bloom staff. Part of Papa & Barkley’s mission to empower individuals by educating consumers on the benefits of cannabis is community outreach. Seniors are the fastest growing segment of consumers moving towards cannabis as a treatment option for pain.

Pain Management for Seniors

Cannabis has become a popular alternative to traditional pain management treatment options among the baby-boomer generation and seniors. In fact, according to a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study, cannabis use as a treatment method to chronic pain increase nearly 58% in the last decade. As the green rush sweeps the nation, more seniors are choosing cannabis for their pain management needs.

Cannabis, and cannabinoids, are becoming more recognizable in our society as a method for treating pain. One case study from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine sites that adults with chronic pain and patients who were treated with cannabis or cannabinoids are more likely to experience a clinically significant reduction in pain symptoms.

Yet pain and pain management are a growing concern among Americans age 65 and older. A recent study from the NIH found that more than half (53%) of older adults surveyed reported having consistent pain in the last month. Nearly three-quarters reported having pain in more than 1 location that decreased physical capacity.

CBD & THC for Pain Management

CBD & THC has become a mainstream option for treatment of pain in the United States and all over the world. Both CBD & THC contain properties that are linked to pain relief anti-inflammation with high therapeutic potential. Recently, basic science research has revealed the Endocannabinoid system, thereby furthering the need for clinical research. There has been an explosion of evidence, studies, and patient testimonials about the therapeutic effects of cannabis. Take for example the Entourage Effect, and how cannabis interacts with our Endocannabinoid system to create a holistic form of healing that targets pain in our bodies.

Seniors and retirees can turn to cannabis, specifically CBD and THC, as a great alternative to opioids for treating pain and managing chronic ailments. Take for instance our Releaf or Essentials line of products, which provide highly potent and all-natural cannabinoids. 

Want to learn more about our products? 

Cannabis Can Help With Pain Management

If you are living with chronic pain or need daily pain management, perhaps consider trying one of Papa & Barkley’s cannabis products. Our Releaf line features all natural, whole plant infusions that can help with pain relief.

Papa & Barkley at Perilous Plunge 2019

Papa & Barkley at Perilous Plunge 2019

What is better than community fundraising for children? Wearing costumes and plunging into the frigid waters of Humboldt Bay while raising money for a great cause.

18th Annual Perilous Plunge


What is the Perilous Plunge? The Plunge is the annual fundraiser for the Redwood Discovery Museum. Plungers jump into Humboldt Bay dressed up in wacky costumes to the sound of the Marching Lumberjacks and cheers of the crowd. Plungers are rewarded for their bravery with a hot tub, Bloody Mary’s, and a warm lunch.

Leading up to the event, each plunger collects pledges from ‘sponsors’ who will gladly pay to watch them jump into the Bay. All funds raised directly benefit the Redwood Discovery Museum programs. This year will be the 18th annual community wide event.

Redwood Discovery Museum

Giving back to the local community is an important part of Papa & Barkley’s mission. In alignment with that we formed a NorCal team to help with fundraising for the Redwood Discovery Museum

A little more info about the Discovery Museum: 

The Discovery Museum is a non-profit children’s museum that offers interactive exhibits and thematic programs. Discovery Museum exhibits and programs promote hands-on, open-ended discovery in the areas of science, art, culture, technology, and healthy living. Our goal is to help youth expand their horizons and prepare for the future by fostering a passion for exploration and learning.

Papa & Barkley’s Perilous Plunge Team

This year, for the first time ever, we participated in the Perilous Plunge. Our NorCal team was formed by team captain Nick Hamaker with a mission to raise $1500 for the cause. After reaching out and collecting pledges,  our team was able to raise over $2780 in donations for the Discovery Museum! 

You may be asking yourselves, why jump into a freezing bay? Because the Discovery Museum’s mission is to promote hands-on learning and exploration for their region’s youth. The Redwood Discovery Museum is an outdoor education facility, a teacher resource, a field trip destination, and so much more. Their programs serve over 14,000 children annually.

Papa & Barkley Giving Back

“Wes, our new head of Research & Development, dressed up as Bigfoot and the rest of us were banana slugs. Eureka is known for both. Everyone dressed up jumped into the freezing Bay and the rest of our team cheered them on. Everyone met at the corner of F street and 4th Street and then paraded down to the Bay. Boris and Guy both participated. Boris’s family was there to cheer him on.”

Founded by caring for the ones we love, we are a team of scientists, caregivers, and advocates who are committed to producing safe and reliable products from the whole plant that improve the quality of life of those in need.

We’re also committed to giving back to our local communities. The Discovery Museum, which is just a few blocks away from our NorCal headquarters, is an extremely important cause in our eyes because it promotes exploration and research, which we’re all about at P&B.

Breaking Barriers at the Abilities Expo Los Angeles

Breaking Barriers at the Abilities Expo Los Angeles

“People from all walks of life use cannabis. From soccer moms to Rastas to seniors to rappers to lawyers to kids with epilepsy.”

-Kimberly Dillon, CMO Papa & Barkley


The Green Rush may be in full swing in ten states and legalized medicinally or decriminalized in another twenty five but the stigma that surrounds Cannabis is still alive and strong. One of the missions of Papa & Barkley is to educate the general public as to the amazing properties of the cannabis plant and its efficacy as a viable form of medicine. We had the opportunity to educate, be inspired, and interact with amazing groups of people at the Abilities Expo Los Angeles that took place February 21-23 at the LA Convention Center.

Breaking the Cannabis Stigma

Papa & Barkley had the opportunity to attend the Abilities Expo this year to share our products and education about the healing properties of Cannabis. We were not only humbled by the individuals in attendance but were thrilled that attendees were so interested in learning about Cannabis and the products that we make.

About the Abilities Expo

Abilities Expo is about bringing necessary products and services together under one roof for the community of people with disabilities, their families, caregivers, seniors, and healthcare professionals. It’s about introducing opportunities that can enrich your life …especially ones that you never knew were out there.”

Papa & Barkley at the Abilities Expo

Our very own Brand Ambassador Lorie Hirsch was in attendance and this is what she had to say about the event: “Of all the events that I have attended in my career the Abilities Expo was among the most humbling without a doubt. The people were very interested in learning more about the medicine and were eager to try samples.”

Cannabis & Hemp Education

At Papa & Barkley part of our mission is not only to educate but community outreach. Attending the Abilities Expo was an incredible treat for our team and we thank everyone who came over to our booth and were interested in our products and the power that Cannabis can have in their lives.

Papa & Barkley makes products to heal everyone and we meet people where they are. And if you need healing or relief and you’re too afraid to seek out cannabis we come to you. We offer help and guidance, so you can find the product that’s right for you, ask us questions, and feel comfortable using our medicine. That’s what we were doing a few weekends ago at Abilities Expo. We’re not just brand; we’re a helping hand.

About Papa & Barkley

Founded by caring for the ones we love, we are a team of scientists, caregivers, and advocates who are committed to producing safe and reliable products from the whole plant. Our products are 100% solvent free and are offered in ratios of CBD and THC for a variety of conditions.

Empowering Women & Sharing the Power of Cannabis

Empowering Women & Sharing the Power of Cannabis

Papa & Barkley have teamed up with 10th Planet Women’s Self Defense for a training series entitled “I Am My Sister’s Keeper”

Empowering Women

Papa & Barkley and 10th Planet Women’s Self Defense are joining forces for a series of events centered around self defense, self care and selfless service.

Join us for “I Am My Sister’s Keeper,” a three part event series hosted at 10th Planet Pasadena.

About 10th Planet Women’s Self Defense:

​​10PWSD is a self defense program based on the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system of grappling taught by women with over a decade of martial arts experience for other women. Our workshops are empowering, fun and practical. No experience needed.

Self Care Powered by Papa & Barkley

Each event will include an hour of self defense training followed by an hour of assembling care packages for the women at Elizabeth House Pasadena, a temporary home for at-risk single mothers and pregnant women. During that hour you’ll take a break from caring for others to care for yourself by enjoying a complimentary massage infused with Papa & Barkley’s CBD body oil.

Don’t Miss Out!

Members of Papa & Barkley’s team attended the first session on Feb. 17th. There are only two dates left and tickets sell fast. Here are the remaining dates available:

  • March 24
  • April 14

The sessions last from 3:30pm-5:30pm. Each class is $30 and includes self-defense training along with a complimentary massage infused with our CBD body oil.

Want to Attend?

Buy your tickets at or


10th Planet Pasadena

2333 N Lake Ave

Altadena CA 91001

Papa & Barkley will be provide supplies for the care packages, but please feel free to bring other donations as well.

About Papa & Barkley

Founded by caring for the ones we love, we are a team of scientists, caregivers, and advocates who are committed to producing safe and reliable products from the whole plant. Our products are 100% solvent free and are offered in ratios of CBD and THC for a variety of conditions.

World CBD Expo in San Diego

World CBD Expo in San Diego

This weekend at the Town and Country Hotel in San Diego, located in the heart of San Diego’s Mission Valley, the World CBD Expo is bringing together professionals, educators, and business from around the country. The expo takes place March 9th and 10th is an event dedicated entirely to CBD. The focus will be on CBD Vendors, presentations, seminars from experts and professionals as well as personal testimonies from people that have experienced the benefits of CBD.

The event will have numerous educational seminars focusing on the medicinal values of CBD, the proper dosage for pets, and various delivery methods for taking CBD. There will also be product demonstrations of cutting-edge industry products. Hundreds of CBD brands will be represented in several showrooms.

The expo will feature important topics surrounding CBD including:

  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Oils
  • Tinctures
  • Pet care
  • Beauty
  • Edibles
  • Cartridges
  • Topicals

Full event Business Passes are available at $100 and include 2 hours early access, access to all exhibitors, all seminars, access to speakers, free samples of CBD products, and easy access to the event.

Individuals who don’t want to attend the whole weekend can purchase day passes for $35 which include access to all exhibitors, all seminars, speakers, free samples of CBD products, and easy access to the event.

Papa & Barkley’s Guest Speaker Keiko Beatie

Speaking on behalf of Papa & Barkley is speaker, writer, and consultant Keiko Beatie. Keiko is currently a board member of OC Normal, the California Cannabis Tourism Association, and Director of Education Coral Cove Cannabis Resort and has worked in the Cannabis industry as an educator and advocate for over three decades.

A brief bio of Keiko:

Keiko Beatie has been a practitioner of Ayurveda, Chinese and Holistic Medicine since the 1970’s. Her specialty in Bach Flower and Homeopathics has continued with whole plant cannabis medicine and focusing on education to the community for better patient care and health and well-being.  She speaks at many mainstream CBD and cannabis conference across the country on subjects Senior Education with CBD & THC, Pain Management, Edibles, Topicals, Patient Care, Minorities in Cannabis, How to Create a Business in Cannabis, just to name a few.   Her background, education and knowledge on the whole plant has assisted many to be able to be in this industry and community, but most of all heal themselves from many serious diseases.

Keiko’s outreach has brought her to the County Fairs in California cooking with hemp and CBD, to enable outreach to the mainstream the benefits of hemp and cannabis.  She is a Board Member of NORML OC, Director of Education for Coral Cove Cannabis Jamaica, Contributing Writer for for Weedmaps and on the Board for the Cannabis Tourism Association.  In the past Keiko created the first cannabis-based TV network on Roku TV The US Weed Chanel, former Leadership Women Grow, Instructor at CCI Cannabis Career Institute, and Co-Host of Hemp Radio. She resides in Orange County, Ca and was formally on the OC Election as a Precinct Inspector for 25 years, a PTA President and supported many non-profit organizations within the OC and cannabis community. Her mission statement is “Acceptance and legalization through education and outreach” for positive CBD and Cannabis patient care for better health and well-being.

Keiko will be speaking about how to gain more education about the benefits of CBD as well as specifically how to shop for CBD if you are a first-time buyer.

Shopping for CBD

We have recently launched our newest CBD line of products, Papa & Barkley Essentials, that features Hemp Infused products based on our award-winning formulations. For people who are just experiencing CBD or are entirely new to CBD the World CBD Expo is a great opportunity to learn more about CBD and the amazing benefits you can gain by incorporating it into your health and wellness routine. Whether you need CBD for pain management, health and wellness, or even for sports performance and recovery, our products can help provide the positive benefits of this amazing plant.

MCT Oil & Cannabis Tinctures

All Papa & Barkley CBD products utilize our Whole Plant Infusion Process and provide the full spectrum of phytonutrients and terpene profiles of cannabis. We have also simplified the dosing method by providing an accurate chart which you can use to quick-start your experience. Check out our full line of products on Papa & Barkley and Papa & Barkley Essentials.

Want to Attend the World CBD Expo?

Please visit World CBD Expo directly for tickets:

Follow Keiko at:

IG Account: @keikobeatie


About Papa & Barkley

Founded by caring for the ones we love, we are a team of scientists, caregivers, and advocates who are committed to producing safe and reliable products from the whole plant. Our products are 100% solvent free and are offered in ratios of CBD and THC for a variety of conditions.

CBD Sound Bath Meditation Sponsored by Papa & Barkley

CBD Sound Bath Meditation Sponsored by Papa & Barkley

What’s better than living your best life by meditating? Adding a CBD infusion to the session.

This Saturday our company is sponsoring a sound bath meditation session at The Den Meditation studio in Studio City, Ca. The event is designed to teach attendees about how cannabis, specifically CBD, can be used to help reduce anxiety, promote a sense of calm, and prepare the mind and body for a meaningful sound bath meditation.

How CBD Oil Can Help You Meditate


Participants will enjoy a 15-minute presentation from our Chief Marketing Officer Kimberly Dillon and samples of Papa & Barkley Releaf Tinctures. Immediately following, there will be a Sound Bath Meditation session led by DEN teacher Thalia Ayres.

The presentation will cover:

  • The natural compounds found in cannabis
  • The positive effects of terpenes on the body
  • How to incorporate CBD into your personal life
  • CBD vs. THC products available
  • CBD & its effects on reducing anxiety
  • Hemp-derived CBD vs. Marijuana CBD

Sound Bath Meditation & CBD Tinctures


It is estimated in an HNIS study by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) that the practice of mindful meditation has increased nearly 10% among adults over the age of 18 since 2012. The health benefits of meditation are widely known to the general public, especially its ability to reduce stress and relieve anxiety by regular practice.

But what most people don’t know is that several independent medical studies suggest that meditation activates certain areas of the brain in response to pain, may lower the blood pressure of people at increased risk of developing high blood pressure, while helping to relieve psychological distress, anxiety, depression, anger or hostility.

Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Tinctures


What happens when you pair mindful meditation with Papa & Barkley’s CBD Tincture? The natural compounds found in cannabis which naturally help reduce stress and anxiety help take your meditation to the next level. The positive effects of terpenes such as Linalool (anxiety relief & pain relief), Myrcene (muscle tension relief & anti-inflammation), and Pinene (alertness & memory retention) help the practice of meditation even more effective.

The Releaf Tincture provides a holistic, discrete and flexible option for those in need of strong pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Brewed using our proprietary lipid infusion process, the tincture infuses whole-plant cannabis directly into MCT and fractioned coconut oil, creating an extremely absorbent and highly potent formula.

Interested in Attending?

Visit the Den’s website for more information regarding the event. Please visit ant our product page for our CBD Releaf Tinctures to learn more about the amazing effects products can have on your health and wellness.