While they’re technically the same species, cannabis and hemp are two distinct breeds of Cannabis Sativa with very different uses and chemical compositions. While cannabis tends to be grown short and fat in stature, with the focus on its buds, hemp is grown tall and skinny so that its stalk and seeds can be harvested and use.


Cannabis is high in THC and has been specially bred over time for the size and quality if its flowers to be smoked or otherwise processed for medicinal and recreational use.

When we think about the cannabis industry, all the attention usually goes to the flower, but ignoring hemp would mean we only scratch the surface of the plants potential. Hemp contains extremely low amounts of THC but is high in CBD and is primarily grown as an industrial plant due to its incredible versatility as a fiber, fuel source, food, rope, and building material among other things… the list of its uses really does go on and on.

Hemp, Cannabis & Marijuana

Unfortunately, these two distinct plants have a shared history of prohibition which is just now beginning to come to an end. Thanks to this, we look forward to the cannabis industry embracing hemp for both its industrial uses and medicinal.

Hemp is, without a doubt, the most versatile industrial plant around… even if it can’t get you high. Nearly every major civilization in history has harnessed the hemp plant as an important resource.

In fact, hemp is one of the very first plants to be cultivated by humans, and it’s easy to see why. As a food source, hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious, and pack a huge amount of protein for their size.

Hemp can also be made into milk, like soy or almonds. As a fiber, hemp can be used to make durable clothing, bags, rope, and even paper. Oil derived from the plant can be turned into a source of renewable fuel.

A Brief History of Hemp Oil

In fact, some of the first cars ever ran on hemp oil. This oil can also be used for cooking and to make paints, moisturizing cream, and even bio-plastics.

From Audi to Ford, over a dozen car companies use hemp in panels for their vehicles, and it’s used in building materials for larger structures, like houses. Hemp can even be used medicinally, as a faster growing source of CBD than the variety used for its flowers. Before its unjust prohibition, hemp was an integral part of our nation’s history.

Hemp helped build the United States and was even used to make the very first American flags. Cannabis legalization is opening doors for hemp to be used more, creating an even larger field for the many uses of hemp to be applied to. As demand for renewable and greener resources grows, hemp is in the perfect position for a comeback.

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Hemp has helped shape United States history