Learn about how cannabis topicals can help with topical inflammation with Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D.

Many of us deal with skin conditions that are caused by inflammation, i.e. psoriasis, an auto-immune disease that results in cycles of dry, rough, and scaly skin, which can be painful and itchy. Cannabis topicals containing CBD act locally to reduce inflammation in such skin conditions. Although research hasn’t been able to identify the exact mechanism behind CBD’s impact on skin conditions, most any dryness, roughness, rash, or scaly patches can improve with topical CBD suspended in the right medium.

Can CBD Help Skin Diseases?

CBD keeps cells in the epidermis from releasing two substances that tend to increase inflammation and make it last longer,” according to Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D. In fact, this study’s “results suggest that Cannabis sativa L. containing CBD and CBDA may possess beneficial effects against inflammatory skin diseases.”


Is CBD Really Non-Psychoactive?

Patients often turn to a cannabis topical to avoid psychoactivity and get localized relief. Balms, body oils, or bath salts infused with cannabis produce no psychoactivity. These topicals provide localized relief where applied on the skin; they do not penetrate all layers of the skin to enter the bloodstream, so they are unlikely to have a psychoactive effect.

Choosing Your Relief Has Never Been Easier

A 1:3 THC to CBD ratio is often ideal for chronic inflammation and other conditions. You can find the ratio of THC to CBD on an infused product’s label. The larger the amount of CBD to THC, the more CBD-rich and tougher on inflammation the product is. In contrast, a higher ratio of THC to CBD likely handles pain better.

CBD Topicals & Inflammation 

Prescription medications for skin conditions, such as topical steroids, can be quite expensive. On top of that, these prescriptions only temporarily relieve symptoms, if at all. Unfortunately, they also tend to thin your skin, so it’s recommended that you don’t spend time outdoors while using them. Fortunately, cannabis products don’t require these restrictions. Be advised that the natural alternative of cannabis topicals need to be used regularly, daily if possible, to improve immediate and longer-lasting results.