By: Cyrus Sepahbodi

Movement and exercise are important to leading a healthier, happier life. Physical therapy can help reduce or eliminate pain, increase mobility, recover from or prevent sports injuries, and strengthen the body to improve balance and prevent falls. A physical therapist can help to identify factors that prevent people from being active while finding ways to overcome physical obstacles. When combined with CBD, physical therapy can be individualized to each person’s needs and care level to help with recovery, pain relief, and reduction of inflammation. Here are three ways to add CBD to your physical therapy routine.

1. Take a CBD Tincture 30 minutes before treatment

If you are currently in a physical therapy program for chronic pain or an injury, adding a CBD tincture like Papa & Barkley’s hemp drops, can help to reduce inflammation and manage pain during your session. Tinctures are fast acting when taken under the tongue and provide whole body relief so that you can focus on the session. CBD will act on pain receptors in the body and will not only promote wellness but help with sensations of pain. For optimal effects, take the tincture under your tongue thirty minutes before your session. Effects are usually felt within 15 to 45 minutes and last up to two to three hours.

2. Use CBD balm to help manage soreness, aches, and pains after your physical therapy session

CBD balms can help manage pain, aches, and soreness after an intense physical therapy session. Papa & Barkley’s pain balm in particular is a soothing and pain-relieving salve made from all-natural ingredients and a full spectrum of cannabinoids. The benefit of using a balm after your physical therapy session is that you can target specific areas where you experience pain the most. Apply the balm liberally to the target area and repeat two to three times per day.  Results can be felt within minutes, and relief can last anywhere from two to four hours. Most importantly, the cannabinoids do not reach the bloodstream, so pain relief is localized where applied, with no intoxication.

3. Take a CBD capsule first thing in the morning

For those who are in physical therapy multiple times per week, the associated soreness can wear down the body and make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. A CBD capsule, such as Papa & Barkley’s Hemp Capsules, are easy to take in the morning to help you take on the day. The benefit of taking a capsule is that it’s easy to take on the go, very precise in it’s dosing, and offers whole body relief. Ingestion is one of the best ways to absorb CBD because it brings out its strong anti-inflammatory properties and the effects can last upwards of two to three hours.

Pain Relief Through CBD & Physical Therapy

Traditional methods of managing pain usually involve taking prescription pain-killers or other medical treatments. But newer perceptions are now being created to treat pain that involves a more health and wellness oriented approach. CBD can be an essential component for pain management and can be considered as a viable means to help fight pain. Physical therapy is equally effective in reducing pain and improving the body’s functioning for a wide variety of ailments. When you combine the two, the effects are compounded due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. I know that many consumers may be hesitant to embrace CBD or other cannabis-derived products, but CBD has the power to help and give wellness to everyone, especially those in pain. 

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